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Oakgrove Integrated College School Council


Student leadership is a strong element of our school experience. We understand that students have ambition, initiative, motivation and passion. What we can offer are the opportunities, guidance and support to ensure all our students maximize their potential.

Oakgrove’s Student Council is a democratically elected council in which students are enabled to take an active role in participating in furthering the experience of our students at school. The Council provides a structure that allows the views and concerns of students from Year 8 to Year 14 to be expressed to the Senior Leadership Team.  

There are two members from each year group who are elected to the Student Council. It is their privilege to listen to the views of the student body and represent such views at the Student Council therefore developing a sense of community, responsibility, leadership and moral purpose.

In Sixth Form a small but significant team of students are elected to develop their leadership skills through representing the student body on the Student Leadership Team.

We want to help you become the next generation of creative and respected leaders of the future.

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