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Welcome To Oakgrove Integrated College

At Oakgrove we have the highest expectations, ensuring that each student develops into a unique, exceptional and diverse young person. Each child receives the highest quality care and support to become the beautiful young person they can be. We have a shared sense of purpose for every child, ensuring they are challenged and encouraged to be their very best.

Our mission statement is to provide; an all ability education, a character education and a can-do education for every student ensuring that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindset to help overcome live challenges.

Along with high quality education, delivered along pathways to suit all abilities, needs and aspirations, our Integrated ethos provides many unique opportunities for the holistic development of each child. Learning to live together daily in a community of acceptance and diversity, where difference is celebrated, enables each child to develop into an effective local and global citizen.

You are whole-heartedly welcomed to the Oakgrove family. Parents and guardians are vital to our work, their voice and the voice of each child are invaluable to us. We are here to ensure, as first priority, our children are content and safe. We create a learning environment which will seek out and nurture individual talents. Together, we will enable each child to rise to challenges successfully, be confident to take risks in learning, and achieve the highest level of success.

In Oakgrove each child will be supported and challenged to


Mrs Katrina Crilly

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