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Bus Changes and New Rules


Currently, there are 18 buses for Oakgrove. Pupils should learn the name of their bus when the route is sent out to you over the summer. The bus names are:


Rock Road

Knockwellan                Ulsterbus

Hazelbank                    Reddins


Fernabbey                    Ulsterbus

Glen Road


Caw Ulsterbus/Translink



Madams Bank

Crescent Link


Side Layby at Pedestrian Crossing - Drumahoe & Culmore – Reddins.


All other buses as follows:

McGonagles – The Branch

Sandy Arthur – Limavady, Ballyarton,

Ayton Coaches - Newbuildings


The following laws are now in operation


1. All pupils must wear seatbelts on buses where they are provided.

      It is your responsibility to wear them.


2. Pupils cannot change buses now due to the new laws- the bus will not leave if it is over-crowded.


If Parents need to make different arrangements on certain days they will have to make alternative transport arrangements.

*** 6th Year and Year 12 take note – many of you use the bus to the town due to work etc. Don’t!***


3. At the end of the school day pupils need to ensure they arrive safely to their bus area. If the bus is there on time, proceed with care. If the bus is late – pupils should wait until a teacher allows them to go to the bus when it stops.


4. Year 8 & 9 pupils should not sit in the back half of the bus. Older pupils are responsible for reporting incidents on the bus and for ensuring the safe journey of all travelling.

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