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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) at Oakgrove Integrated College

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The Careers Department at Oakgrove Integrated College aims to give our pupils a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences that are both relevant and enriching when it comes to preparing our pupils for the world of work. We aim to do this by working together as a school and by working in partnership with outside organizations.


The 3 pillars of CEIAG are:-


  • Self-awareness

  • Career exploration

  • Career management


These are covered in the following strands:-


  • Education (Gatsby 1)

  • Information (Gatsby 2)

  • Advice and Guidance (Gatsby 3,4,8)

  • Employability skills (Gatsby 1,2,3,5,6,8)

  • Work-related learning (Gatsby 5,6,7)


CEIAG at Oakgrove works to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks


1 Stable Careers Programme

2 Learning from Career/ LMI

3 Addressing needs of each pupil

4 Linking curriculum to Careers

5 Encounters with employers/ employees

6 Experiences of workplaces

7 Encounters with FE, HE, apprenticeships

8 Personal guidance

We are keen to develop partnerships with outside organizations as much as possible, providing them with the opportunity to contribute relevant expertise and experience that will be of benefit to our pupils. We are currently in formal partnership with two organisations- The Manchester United Foundation and Fujitsu. In addition to these partnerships, we have links with many other organisations with the aim of providing our pupils with the opportunities to take part and experience activities, talks, visits and workshops that prepare them for the decisions and life experiences related to careers paths and the world of work.

CEIAG Roles and Responsibilities at Oakgrove Integrated College

Link Leadership Team

Mr J O’Neill


Mr L Kitson

Careers Co-Ordinator

Mr S McDonagh

Head of Sixth Form

Mr C Donaghey

In addition to those mentioned above who will have direct involvement, all teachers will contribute to the provision of CEIAG within their own curriculum area and/or in other roles such as Form Teacher or Head Of Year.


Oakgrove Integrated College

Stradreagh, Gransha Park

BT47 6TG

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CEIAG offer consists of the following:

Year 9 Education For Employability

  • Habits of mind

  • Study Skills

  • Individual Pupil Profile Tracker Document

  • Employability Skills

  • Goals

  • Soft Skills

  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Employment sectors and LMI

  • Jobs research

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Personal Statement

Year 10 Education For Employability

  • Habits Of Mind

  • Study Skills Information

  • Qualifications Overview

  • Pupil Tracker Document

  • Qualifications

  • Challenging Stereotypes

  • Key Stage 4 Subject Choices Research

  • Labour Market Information

  • Strengths, Weakness, Skills and Qualities

  • Safety in School and At Work

  • Being Innovative

  • Impact of Technology in the Workplace

  • Globalisation

  • Employment Trends

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Personal Statement

Year 11 Careers

  • Habits of Mind

  • Study Skills- Tips and Advice

  • Qualifications Overview

  • KS 4 Pupil Tracker Document

  • Personal Career Planning (Incl. LMI and Goal Setting)

  • Soft Skills in the Workplace

  • Interview Skills (Incl. CV, Job Advertisements, Application Form, Interviews- Before, During and After)

  • STE(A)M

  • Being Enterprising and Entrepreneurship

  • Personal Statement

Year 12 Careers

  • Habits of Mind

  • Study Skills- Tips and Advice

  • Qualifications Overview

  • KS 4 Pupil Tracker Document

  • Post 16 Options

  • LMI

  • Qualifications and Salary

  • Career Paths and Hobbies

  • Stereotypes in the work place

  • Career Planning (Incl LMI, Target/ Goal Setting)

  • Health and Safety at Work

  • Skills and Qualities For Success in the World of Work

  • Personal Statement

  • CV Update

Year 13/14 Careers

  • Induction to Careers

  • Exploring Labour Market Information (LMI)

  • Decision-Making

  • Post-18 Options

  • UCAS

  • Personal Career Planning

Useful Websites for Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

(Labour Market Information)


Employers/Experiences of Work 

Further, Higher Education/Apprenticeships 

Personal Career Guidance

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