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Religious Education

Religious Education is vital to the Integrated ethos of Oakgrove College. It is studied by all students until the end of Yr12 and is a popular subject choice for students at GCSE or AS/A2 level. 


At Oakgrove, RE is taught by a team of trained RE specialists.


Head of Department: Mrs C Cormie


Staff: Mrs L Adams, Mr J. Russell


Our Aims:


  • Provide a welcoming, challenging and engaging learning environment

  • Establish an ethos of academic excellence

  • To develop critical thinking and problem solving in an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Make connections with the student’s learning to other aspects of human experience.

Key Stage 3


RE at Exam Level

Comment from John Keast, Chair, Religious Education Council of England and Wales (REC):
“RE A level provides an excellent foundation for a range of careers – from medicine to public service to business. Imagine how better prepared a doctor or business professional is if they understand the culture and customs of the individuals they are treating or dealing with. Or how a broad and deep knowledge of different world faiths and beliefs can help young people truly understand the context of events in the Middle East.

As our world becomes increasingly interdependent and we interact with more diverse groups day to day, RE is becoming ever more relevant.”

GCSE Content

At Keystage 4 students can opt to study RE for GCSE. In GCSE RE we follow the CCEA RE GCSE specification.


More detail of these units can be found at


Past papers for both modules can be found if you click here.


AS/A2  Content:


At AS/A2 level students will study two modules from the CCEA specification.


More detail of these units can be found at

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