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GCSE Child Development


This two year course has the following structure:


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Options post 16!

GCSE Child Development provides a sound basis for the further study of related subjects e.g. GCE Health and Social Care and GCE Home Economics.

Why study GCSE Child Development?

If you are interested in a career which involves working with children, e.g. nursery nursing / education, primary school teaching, children’s nursing, social work or many others. If you are interested in finding out more about the way children develop and the different factors that influence their development.

Child Development was a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting subject. It proved incredibly useful for AS Health and Social Care.

 - Jasmin

In GCSE Child Development I developed a wide range of transferable skills and the importance of meeting deadlines.

 - Keisha

I achieved joint second in Northern Ireland in GCSE Child Development.

 - Lauyrn

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