Return To School Dates

Please note the dates outlined below for return to school after the summer holidays.

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Year 11 & 13 - 8.55am - 11.45am

Then off until 3rd September

Thursday 30th August 2018

Year 12 & 14 - 8.55am - 11.45am

Then off until 3rd September

Friday 31st August 2018

Year 8 - 8.55am - 11.45am

Please Note: There will be no school buses on 29, 30 & 31 August 2018.

All pupils will then return on Monday 3rd September for the normal school day from 8.55am until 3.10pm.

Compulsory school uniform 


Year 8 Clip-on tie, grey kick pleat skirt, black trousers.  Year 11 – Clip on tie, navy kick-pleat skirt, black trousers. Please note that students can wear black shoes, Vans or black trainers with no other colour only. 


School blazers are available from Max Fashions at a reduced cost of £30.00.

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Holidays - September 2018 - June 2019

Staff Development Day

Friday 28th September 2018


Monday 29th October 2018 - Friday 2nd November 2018


Monday 24th December 2018 - Friday 4th January 2019

Half Term

Monday 18th February 2019 - Wednesday 20th February 2019

St Patricks Day

Monday 18th March 2019


Monday 15th April 2019 - Friday 26th April 2019

May Day

Monday 6th May 2019

Staff Development Day

Monday 27th May 2019