New Year 8 Parents

PE information

Your son/daughter will require a PE kit. The PE kit, including top, shorts and socks, is essential for all pupils and costs £35. A Rain Jacket is also available and costs £30. The Rain Jacket is not an essential part of PE kit but is recommended as it can be worn to and from school as well as used in PE. The PE kit can be bought along with the Rain Jacket at a reduced price of £60.


Year 8 pupils should bring the money for their kit on the first day that they have PE and the order form can be downloaded from the link below.

Please click here to download the PE kit order form.

Please select kit that is at least one size too big so that it will last for a few years. There will only be a small number of Rain Jackets available to try on for size and if required, we will order these for delivery in September.